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How To Get A Player ID

If you have a Player ID, but don’t know it, look it up atop your “My Play! Pokémon” page.
If you don’t have a Player ID, you can get one from a League near you or via the online method listed below!

Event registration goes more quickly  and smoothly if get your ID (or look it up) before you arrive!


Look up your existing ID Online or at your League

You are responsible for accurately knowing your Player ID prior to the event. Looking it up at the event may put you into a late registration situation and a recieve a round 1 loss. See your “My Play! Pokémon”  page, your league leader or your parent in advance of the event. Adding your Player ID to your contact info on your cell phone is a great way of keeping it in a handy place to look up quickly.


Get an ID at League

The best way to get a Play! Pokémon Player ID is to attend a League near you and get a Player ID from the League Leader. League is great fun, and if there is one near you you should go!


Get an ID Online

Sometimes there is no league near you or there is no time before the event. Here's how to obtain a Play! Pokémon Player ID online. Follow these steps, carefully reading the instructions on each website screen, and you can obtain a Player ID!


1. Go to the www.pokemon.com website, and look for the Sign In/Join box.


2. Do you already have an account on the www.pokemon.com website?

  • If yes, “Sign In”, then skip to step 3
  • If no, click “Join”
  • Use a real email. The activation link is emailed ot you.
  • IF YOU ARE UNDER 13 HAVE YOUR PARENT JOIN FIRST, then create your account and have your parent join it to their account. All instructions for this should be on the site.
  • FINISH the process to create, including finding and using the activation link in the registration email. Otherwise you can go no farther!



3. Once you created your account, and you know your password, then click the “Play! Pokemon Settings” link, make up and enter a screen name, then select “Please assign me a new PlayerID number” accept terms and submit the form.



4. Opt into rankings – after all, this is why you’re competing! You can select just to show your screen name if you’re shy or whatever



5. Click the “My Play! Pokemon” tab and jot down your Player ID (make a contact for it in your phone)


6. Now, if you have a printer, click the blue “Print a Player ID Card!” button. (see above). You will get to choose from several designs and end up with a Player ID card like the one below.